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Lars von Ritter Zahony



Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the world "below the surface". My passion for the sea and the fascinating creatures that live in it grew quickly. Just a logical conclusion that I started diving early. To this day, this passion has shaped me so that the attraction to the ocean is growing day by day. A way of life that influences my everyday life, my thoughts and actions more and more intensively.


Unfortunately, I am also witnessing changes in the oceans that make me think. Not only global effects such as climate change, overfishing or plastic waste, but also the "small" individual effects show me how fragile the unique ocean ecosystem is. My observations are just a small window into an unknown world where man is nothing but an intruder. I feel myself a part of this destruction through my travel activities to these often far away underwater paradises.

To be honest, I don't find peace of mind dealing with it. Torn, a constant dichotomy that makes me thoughtful and dissatisfied!

Photography x Art

In recent years, I have been dealing with the fusion of my underwater photography and the here and now. High quality printed fine art images merge with the reality of the sea. So in 2022 I opened the Liquidart Studio as a creative laboratory and place of retreat for the realization of new think approaches. Arrived in reality, robbed of all illusions of the beauty of nature, new perspectives emerge ruthlessly. Disappeared from the dream world under water, harsh but aesthetically not contradictory industrial leftover products realize a contrasting antithesis.

  • 2022 Opening LA Studio and Galerie "zum Buchwald"

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